They are off on their wild adventure!

This is Arlo, I will fill in from time to time for David and Lesley to update the website when they are not able to.

On the 9th we set off and on the night we stayed in Bridgnorth Shropshire UK
On the 10th and 11th we  stayed in Folkestone Kent then crossed the English Channel via the channel tunnel
On the 12th we stayed in Brugge Belgium
On the 14th we stayed in Luxembourg and tonight we are in Germany
[google-map-v3 shortcodeid=”f45bd93f” width=”350″ height=”350″ zoom=”12″ maptype=”roadmap” mapalign=”center” directionhint=”false” language=”default” poweredby=”false” maptypecontrol=”true” pancontrol=”true” zoomcontrol=”true” scalecontrol=”true” streetviewcontrol=”true” scrollwheelcontrol=”false” draggable=”true” tiltfourtyfive=”false” enablegeolocationmarker=”false” enablemarkerclustering=”false” addmarkermashup=”false” addmarkermashupbubble=”false” addmarkerlist=”Bridgnorth, Shropshire, UK{}1-default.png{}Stayed here March 9th.|Folkestone, Kent, United Kingdom{}5-default.png{}Stayed here March 10 and 11 then crossed the English Channel via Channel Tunnel|Brugge, Belgium{}7-default.png{}Stayed here March 12th|Luxembourg, Belgium{}2-default.png{}Stayed here on March, 14th” bubbleautopan=”true” distanceunits=”miles” showbike=”false” showtraffic=”false” showpanoramio=”false”]


7 thoughts on “They are off on their wild adventure!

  1. Hi Les and Dave, glad of the updates of where you are, I will be following your trip, from Blackpool to Thailand, Dave have we found out how to upload photos yet, I’d love to see some. I’ve not fathomed it out yet, maybe Arlo can help. Anyway, keep us posted, love to you both and stay safe x

  2. Great and furious start – already in Germany! Save travels.
    Werner & Rosemarie

    Thanks to Arlo for the support.

  3. Hola Señor y Señora Fogg

    Hope everything is going well with you looking forward to your updates.

    Best regards

  4. Hi Loops,

    Thanks for that,


  5. Hi Werner & Rosemarie,

    We are finding it difficult to get internet connections and we are going to slowwwww down and stay in Germany more days, Plodd has turned out to be great, What did you think of the fuel consumption ?


  6. George we are looking forward to all the trip, the driving is good.


  7. Hi Arlo,

    Thanks for your help don’t know what we would do without your help (maybe Breakfast in the Pullman Khon Khen.

    Dave & Les

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