10 thoughts on “Up to date photo of Plodd with a side door

  1. Dear Dave, Dear Lesley
    This looks and sounds very good. Congrats to what you have achieved so far! Make sure that the Box is big enough to keep Lesley happy 🙂
    Wish you a good trip to the UK, and look forward to read more.
    Werner & Rosemarie

  2. Hi Werner & Rosemarie,

    Thanks for your kind wishes and we hope that our paths will cross again soon
    Good luck with your trip

    Best wishes
    Dave & Les

  3. Dear Papa & Mama,

    Your trip sounds good. I will be looking every day to see where you are, anyway I will be thinking about you.

    Miss you so much

  4. Hi Dave and Lesley,
    When I look at this website it makes me smile and how I think there should be a live webcam watching all the exciting experiences of lesley with her furs and lippy and eating goat and there merry way.Seeing lesley saying to DAVE why has that man got a rocket launcher pionting at us,Don’t know love,I am sure it’s a local custom?

    Best wishes and Really Hope it’s A SAFE ONE.

    Boys at Kwizeen

  5. Hope you have enjoyed you trip today x

  6. Can’t wait for you to set off tomorrow and then the following will really start. Just post lots of fantastic pics can’t wait xx

  7. A fine pair of explorers be thee. I wonder what mystery’s awaits these two adventurers.
    Will it be snails or frogs legs in France. If you go the wrong way, who cares.. You can do what you like when you like. What a lovely thought.
    The kids say hi. Gizzy x , Dam x , Lucky, Fray & Bentos .

    Ps. Don’t worry about the drip Dave… You won’t get wet .. hehe

  8. Morning hope you are enjoying your trip up to now xx

  9. Hi Plodders…
    Hope all is well.
    Millo & The Mrs.

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