The day to set off on another trip is here.

12th August 1015

We are setting off on a short 2 week trip to Laos and Cambodia, Plodd must leave the Kingdom this month and hopefully we will get another 6 months when we return. We will be leaving the Plodd Stop at around 11am today and taking it easy hopefully arriving 200 km north to stop the night in Plodd at a little hotel/restaurant that we have stayed at on previous trips north. Our plan for Thursday will then be to travel north-east to Khon Khen and meet up with our old friend Duncan for a night out before crossing into Laos the next day.

We have had the aircon in Plodd repaired and tested and it is working great, it needs to be, as yesterday at 16.00 it was 36 c in the shade and there is no let up with the heat.