All most ready

Hi Everybody

I have only got until Wednesday to complete all the work needed before Plodd go’s to be resprayed and only 24 days to the start of the trip, time seems to be racing away I have been working on Plodd 8 hours a day everyday since getting back from Thailand and the two lads working with me are Fred and Wigan -er, Wigan-er is finishing off the interior and it is looking good, his real name is ? Wigan-er, Fred is going to be rewiring the rear lights as soon as I have completed the new panels at the back of Plodd and lots of other little jobs and his real name is John ? I think they  both must be a little mad. The Aircon man is coming tomorrow and he says he should complete all the aircon so fingers crossed.



4 thoughts on “All most ready

  1. Hi Les and Dave don’t forget I want a postcard from every country you visit, have a safe journey lots of love Loops xxx

  2. Hows Plodds practice run to Lancaster gone, not too stressful I hope! Love Loops x

  3. Hi Loops,

    Plodd was great, everything worked and she is ready to go,however the problem in the Ukraine is escalating to the point that it could be a very big problem for us! I don’t see any way round it if Russia closes its borders to western citizens.

  4. Hi Loops,

    What is a postcard ?????


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