All ready to go

The time to set off is now very close, last weekend we went on a trial trip to Lancaster and everything worked on Plodd, there was a small drip dripping on me in the night but when I looked the next day there was 3 rivets missing out of the roof so that was easy to fix,the only thing left to do are the stickers of all the countries that we are going through to be put on the sides of Plodd, however, I got up this morning and it is raining so we will either have to find somewhere inside to put them on or wait until it stops raining.
So we set off on Sunday morning around 10am heading for Bridgnorth in Shropshire before we head for Folkestone and the Euro tunnel we are booked to cross on Wednesday morning at 10.30am then into Belgium and stopping in Belgium 2 or 3 nights.

We now have one set of Passports that arrived back from the UK passport office but we are still waiting for the other passports back from the Russian Embassy, they have told us we will get them back tomorrow (cutting it a bit fine).

We still have a concern about the political situation in the Ukraine as we are going to be traveling right through it early April into Russia. but we will have to see what happens.

Anyway we hope you all enjoy following us on and we will try to keep you posted as often as we can (internet allowing).



7 thoughts on “All ready to go

  1. Dear Dave, Dear Lesley
    Finally the big day has come! We wish you all the luck needed, and have fun.

  2. Hi Werner and Rosemarie,

    Thanks for your kind comments and there is only you that will know what it is like at this stage in the trip (chaos)


  3. Plodd looks amazing, with all her stickers on, very impressed with the interior as well, very comfortable, I will be there this morning to see you both off, so no leaving without my wave.
    Anyway, wishing you both the very best on your trip of a lifetime, and Dave watch out for the bridges, Plodd is a lot taller than your regular BAV van xxx

  4. Hi Lesley & Dave
    Wishing you both good luck, good health and safe passage on your fantastic adventure.

    All the best.

  5. Les its me Lynn I’m on as Lloydee yahoo. Hope plodd is nice and comfy or have you stayed in hotels since leaving and just telling us all your sleeping in plodd. Hope you had a nice time at your cousins . Tommorow your off how exciting.I want to know the first thing you come across that you have forgotten.Been thinking about you lots of love xxxx

  6. Hi Dave,
    Hope all is going well… Know it is early days yet..
    What time do you cross the channel, think it is today Wednesday.
    Will keep in touch as you go on.
    Ian & Chris

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