Plodd is not happy

28th March 2014.

Well we went to collect Plodd at 12 noon this afternoon and the garage have given her a full service and changed the shock absorbers etc, however, when we got there they had brought a suspension specialist company to have a look at the work they had done.They thought it would have made a lot more difference to the rolling about Plodd was doing before. The specialist recommended stronger springs and a different type of shockers, so we have decided to go down that route.

The company that is doing the work is the National Post Office of Hungary and my cousin just happens to be a director of this nationalised company so she is looking after us with them.

We have got Plodd back on the campsite now until Monday morning, when we will then take her back to the garage, they will then dismantle the springs etc and fit new this and that! So it means we will be staying in Hungary until at least next Thursday as it is now a much bigger job than first thought, I must say that this garage seems to have all the equipment needed for the job and we have every confidence in them that they know what they are doing.



3 thoughts on “Plodd is not happy

  1. Hi Dave & Les

    Sorry to hear Plodd is unhappy. Maybe a well earned rest for you all, and Hungary must be very beautiful.
    The house and kids are fine. A little barking from the baby of the bunch just lately. We think she is now the second in command after Mr Dam, as all the rest sleep all day. Anyways you intrepid Plodders, happy times, and don’t forget the Goulash. Yummy.

    Millo & the Mrs
    By the way “Its bloody hot out here” (Am I aloud to swear on the plodd site)……

  2. Hi Plodders.
    We had a plodder at the house the other day. He decided to plodd outside the side gate as we popped out to the market.
    Every time I tried to give him a little treat, he just grinned and ran off again. I thought Dam you Mr. Dam you can stay out their all night, and casually we all walked up the garden and left him outside wining……………. you know the one, when the injection guy comes for his monthly jab. …. So I went down after 5 minutes and he Plodded in with his head up in the air…………… little bugger.

    Anyways….. Where are thee. Soon to be in Greece ? Pattayanis Taverna awaits. Maybe son of Pattayanis Tittle-ayanis will tantalize those taste buds.
    Bye for now.
    Miss you
    Love the Gang…..

  3. Hi Mark & Linn,

    I hope you stuck your foot up his arse when you did get him in


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