Nice time with Duncan

14th August 2015

Hi Everybody,

We reached  Khon Khen yesterday and had a good night out with Duncan. Next day we decided to hit the road at about 9.30 and head for the Laos border, no problems on the Thai side but when we arrived on the Laos side the authorities could not agree as to what Plodd was, was she a Car? was she a truck ? or was she a caravan ? or even a 25 seater bus? well this took hours, in the end they decided for the benefit of the charge to enter Laos she would be a truck (the most expensive)  but for everything else she would be a 25 seater bus, God knows how they worked that out as she only has 2 seats! We left that kiosk only to be told we must now go to another kiosk, at this next kiosk they asked for our Carnete, I tried to explain that we did not have one and we did not need one, as we were entering Laos their Country and they should know it is not a requirement. I think the problem is that anybody crossing borders that has a Carnete automatically offers it to the customs to help them on there way, however, that is fine for them with one but for us without it is a problem. Three hours later we left the border and headed for the capital Vientiane, where we met up with other overlanders, we decided to plan our next move and that was for 2 vehicles to travel South together on Sunday morning arriving at Thakhek mid afternoon. Thakhek is perched on the banks of the mighty  Mekong River, so tonight we are stopping in a hotel in the centre of this small town and meeting up later for a drink and dinner.

Tomorrow our plans are to travel about 350 km to Paxsi Laos. Paxsi  is again on the Mekong river not far from the Laos/Cambodian border, so that should allow us plenty of time to cross the border on the Tuesday morning and again no doubt the fun will start again with the customs officers asking for our Carnete that we don’t need to enter Cambodia.

So that is all for now folks!