Lost Photo

Hi Everybody,

We are having a good time in Igoumenitsa and this morning we received a great photo on www.Plodd.net from someone that has joined our web site, however, we have lost the picture so would you please resend the photo whoever you are.

Kind Regards



2 thoughts on “Lost Photo

  1. Hi dave, i allready try to resend the phot, but seems that the mailfolder is full
    if you have an other email i can send it there
    any infos you gonna need about greece, maybe i can help


  2. Hi James,

    James sorry for not getting back to you sooner but we have had major problems with the internet,however, it looks like we are back on the net so would you please try sending the photo again please, we both thank you for you for your offer to hell and will contact you if we do.

    Thanks once again.


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