Itinerary for the Chinese sector


18th June 2014

Hi Everybody,

We have just received the itinerary for the month in China,

Itinerary day by day,

Just maybe we will get some comments ????



Date Day Route Distance(km) Night place Information
30.07 01 Entering from Erenhot   Erenhot

Enter in China from Erenhot border. Your guide will deal with all the paper work and procedure for you.

31.07 02 Erenhot-Saihantala 120 Saihantala

Depending on the department’s working speed, normally, it will finish in later afternoon. You can choose to drive 120km or stay one more night in Erenhot.

01.08 03 Saihantala-Zhangjiakou 400 Zhangjiakou

Drive to Zhangjiakou on the highway.

02.08 04 Zhangjiakou-Jinshanling 320 Jinshanling Suggest leaving earlier, spend the afternoon in the Great wall.(About4-5hours),but depends on the traffic. Time is short, have it tomorrow.
03.08 05 Jinshanling-Beijing 150 Beijing Back to Beijing, suggest to take hotel.
04.08 06 Beijing   Beijing we will visit the Imperial Palace, with 9999 rooms. Mainly suggest to visit four halls, named the Hall of Supreme Harmony, Hall of Complete Harmony, Hall of Preserving Harmony and the Treasure Halls. If we still have time, we will go to Tian’anmen for a visit. The famous Beijing Roast Duck is introduced for dinner.

Suggest no t to drive. To take the subway or texi.

05.08 07 Beijing   Beijing

To visit the temple of Heaven, then to visit the Summer Palace in the afternoon, it is the largest royal garden in the world, is a masterpiece of Chinese landscape garden design.

06.08 08 Beijing- Datong 410 Datong

Drive to Datong on the express way, will visit the Yungang Grotto in the afternoon, which is 83km far from Datong, then drive to Datong.

07.08 09 Datong-Taiyuan 380 Taiyuan

On the way to Taiyuan,we will visit The Suspended Temple hangs on a cliff of a gorge on Mt.Hengshan in Hunyuan county,it is 70km far from Datong.Then drive on the expressway to Taiyuan.

08.09 10 Taiyuan-Pingyao 90 Pingyao

We will first visit the Jinci Temple in Taiyuan, then drive to the Ancient City of Piangyao. Pay a visit in the city. Suggest to stay overnight in the city.

10.08 11 Pingyao-Hukou waterfall 300+40 jixian After visiting the waterfall,40km back to Jixian for night.(Camping is ok if possible)
11.08 12 Jixian-Longmen Grottoes 350 Longmen Back to high way to Longmen.
12.08 13 Longmen Grottoes 350 Longmen  
13.08 14 Longmen- Terracotta 360 Linfen To the terracotta, following the yellow river.
14.08 15 Terracotta-Xi’an 50 Xi’an

In the morning, we will first visit the Terracotta within two and half hours inside, There are one museum and three pits of terracotta army we will visit, then drive to Xi’an. Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show with dinner are suggested for you.

Xi’an is a huge city, suggest not to drive and take hotel.

15.08 16 Xi’an   Xi’an

To visit the Big Wild Goose Pagoda first, then to visit the Old Street in the afternoon, we can also have a free walk on the Old City Wall or on the old street. The Dumpling Banquet is suggested for dinner.

16.08 17 Xi’an-Guangyuan 470 Guangyuan

From Xi’an,we start to enter to Sichuan Basin,there are more mountains and forests we can see, there are local residences on the half of those mountains.

17.08 18 Guangyuan-Chengdu 290 Chengdu To visit the Panda base.
18.08 19 Chengdu-Xichang 460 Xichang  
19.08 20 Xichang-Lugu Lake 260 Lugulake

Lugu Lake is a fantastic calm and beautiful lake, to have free walk by the lake and to enjoy their unique culture of Mosuo People.

20.08 21 Lugu lake 15km /20km Lugu lake It’s a big lake, try to explore its beauty.
21.08 22 Lugu Lake-Lijiang 200 Lijiang Lijiang has a part of ancient city, which attracts a lot of people with its unique architecture and custom of people.
22.08 23 Lijiang-Tiger leaping Gorge 80 The gorge We drive to Tiger Leaping Gorge. To have a 2-3 hours short trekking at famous Tiger Leaping Gorge, or spend 6hours here. If you want to go hiking, it takes one day more here.
23.08 24 Tiger leaping Gorge- Shangri-la 100 Shangri-la Shangri-la is famous because of the book ”Lost horizon”, its an ancient city like Lijiang.But with more Tibet people and their unique culture.
24.08 25 Shangri-la-Dali 310 Dali We drive to Dali, and we still have some time today to visit at Dali, such as the old city, the places nearby, and the Erhai Lake etc.
25.08 26 Dali-Lincang 300 Lincang It is a driving day, but a beautiful driving day. The roads through mountains, villages, fields, tea gardens etc, up and down. When you drive on this road, you will feel you and your vehicle are dancing among the mountains and fields.
26.08 27 Lincang-Puer 300 Puer  
27.08 28 Puer-Mengla 270 Mengla It’s the last big town we will pass in China.To have a short rest and prepare for exit.
28.08 29 Mengla-Mohanborder 50   Exit from Mohan.Enjoy your journey.

6 thoughts on “Itinerary for the Chinese sector

  1. Hi Dave and Les
    The itenary looks to be OK. You may need an additional day at Erenhot, depending on how fast the Chinese are working (for us it took two days). Otherwise the most interesting parts are covered, although it would be nice to have an additional day at Beijing. A few “driving days” (300-400km) will be needed to cover the distance, but in general the major roads are in a good condition. Regards to Spring.

  2. Hi Again you two,

    Looking at the Itinerary it looks as though Spring has maybe kept a couple of days a side, I say this because I think when she put the itinerary together at first it was 1 or 2 days long than this one so maybe she plans to keep these spare days for any delays etc.
    In Springs original proposal she did have more days in Beijing but when it came down to all the participants voting it was rejected.

    Thanks for your thoughts and they are greatly appreciated.

    Hope your trip is still going well and the weather it is getting a little hotter down-under

    Kind regards and our best wishes

    Dave & Lesley

  3. Hi u 2
    Its all amazing and your nearly there – amazing
    stay safe
    Love Raine & Marmie xx

  4. Hi Raine,

    Not quite, there is a desert and a rather large China ahead not to mention Laos and the length of Thailand, and we are still enjoying it.

    Keep the comments coming


  5. Hi hope you are both enjoying your trip of a lifetime I miss you both loads and I like to look at the pictures you put on facebook keep enjoying the different places you visit and cant wait for all your stories you will have to tell me xx

  6. Hi Tracey,

    We will be entering Thailand tomorrow then we will stop in Khon Kaen for two nights before setting off on our final part of the journey to home, so we will be back home on the 3rd or 4th August.


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