Up Date on Plodd 29/1/14

Well  things are not going as well as first thought with Plodd, Fred in Leyland has found that the 12v electric circuit keeps blowing the fuses so they have just had to rewiring the 12v circuit, also when Warren visited 2 days ago the 24v aircon wasn’t fitted but looked like they where just about to fit it, we were hoping to have Plodd re sprayed white before we set off but that may not happen now as there may not be time, when we get back to Blackpool I will make the big box for the back and then see what else is needed, Lesley will be very bizzy loading Plodd with everything that will be needed for the trip as there is nothing on board as yet, we are hoping for at least a short trip to the lake district before we set off.

 I have just ordered a great dash board video/camera (Gopro hero 3+) for on the dash board to send back photos and video to Plodds site. 
We will try and up date the site as much as possible but until we set off there will not be very much to tell you.
Dave & Les

8 thoughts on “Up Date on Plodd 29/1/14

  1. Being trying to comment but had a few problems however I’m now logged on so happy travelling and I can contact you soon! Much love for a safe trip xxxx

  2. Hi Dave & Less
    My Name is Phil I met you in the lawyers office (Chollada) about 3 weeks ago ,just checking out your progress. Looks fantastic I will be watching your trip via your updates
    Wishing you all the best for your Journey
    Safe Trip
    Bangsaray Villa
    Can I use some of your posts on my Blogg at bangsarayvilla ??

  3. Hi Phil,

    Nice to hear from you anyway we go back to the UK tomorrow at 7am so we will hopefully start up dating the site soon after that.
    yes that is fine if you want to use our post


  4. Looking forward to tracking your progress – parp, parp! x

    Happiness is Staring Out of a Van Window & Thinking About Life

  5. Hi Dave and Lesley
    Its Christine, we met on the plane over to Manchester. I hope you got home safe and sound and hopefully having a duvet day tomorrow!
    I will continue to follow your progress

    Take care
    Christine x

  6. Hi Amanda,

    We have just got back.

  7. Hi Christine,
    Very nice to meet you and yes we did get home OK

    Keep in touch
    Dave & Les

  8. Looks like you’ll be having a great time. Bound to have a few teething problems – I’ve lost count of mine! I’m doing virtually everything myself, including electrics, so nobody else to blame!

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