Back in England

  15th May 2015 We have been back in England 7 weeks and enjoyed being here, however, it is time to return to Thailand, all the dogs and Plodd. Since we left Thailand we have had a fire at the house there (fortunately no one was hurt) so we will have to sort out the […]

Almost ready to return to the UK

We are almost ready to return to the UK, our friends and acquaintances have now all gone on their separate ways, ┬ásome to the north of Thailand and others making there way into Malaysia. I don’t think any of them have a fixed time table so we may see them return our way before making […]

Still just outside Krasnojarsk but moving on tomorrow

4th June 2014 4th June 2014 We are still just outside Krasnojarsk in the truck stop, we decided to stay after Ilena said she would like to show us around the City, so yesterday at 3pm she arrived with her husband Victor in their car to take us on a trip around Krasnojarsk. First we […]

Lost Photo

Hi Everybody, We are having a good time in Igoumenitsa and this morning we received a great photo on from someone that has joined our web site, however, we have lost the picture so would you please resend the photo whoever you are. Kind Regards Dave