Prep’s for the desert and entering China in Ulaanbaatar

16th June 2014   Well yesterday I emailed Johanna and Michael one of the couples that we are going to cross China with to ask when they thought they would arrive at the Chinese border, that is where we planned to meet them. They said they were in Ulaanbaatar at this moment, so lets meet […]

Itinerary for the Chinese sector

  18th June 2014 Hi Everybody, We have just received the itinerary for the month in China, Itinerary day by day, Just maybe we will get some comments ???? Dave   Date Day Route Distance(km) Night place Information 30.07 01 Entering from Erenhot   Erenhot Enter in China from Erenhot border. Your guide will deal […]

Restaurant California & A Military Display

15th June 2014   Looks like the plans are changing, the people we were meeting in Ulaanbaatar look like they will have to go straight to the Chinese border because they are running out of time to see all that they want to see, so we will also head straight to the Chinese border through […]

Amazing Transportation System in Ulaanbaater

Friday 13th June 2014,   So we are in Ulaanbaatar the capital of Mongolia and trying to get a few jobs done on Plodd. We have found that the following have stopped working:- Toilet light, radio, bathroom lights, the lights in the front seating area and all the 12v power sockets, this may sound bad […]

From Russia with Love

  Friday 13th June 2014,   To whom it may concern:- This is the last will and testament………………(not really but getting very close!)   It has been a while since my last update, so have jotted a few notes ‘en route’ since Romania. Wifi is and has been rare.   I enjoyed Romania on the […]

Plodd off road big time

11th June 2014 Well in my last post I mentioned the M55, the significance of this as many will know, the motorway into Blackpool is called the M55 and I will never call it a bad thing again after traveling on the one in Russia. After leaving the Russian/Mongolian border we plodded on for about […]

Russia into Mongolia

10th June 2014 We did set off on the road on the 6th stopping on the way in the rear of a kafé (Russian spelling) on the first night then on to the M55 (yes the M55 just look at the state of the roads) that took us onto Lake Baical for one night in […]

Heading for the Capital

On our way to Moscow 21st May 2014 So we set off for Moscow, armed with lots of good information from our Serbian friends, where to park, which roads to take into Moscow and most importantly which roads not to use. On the way to Moscow we were stopped by the police  and as this […]

Second night in Russia and the same truck stop.

Still in the same truck stop but we have got the new tyres and I have repainted Plodds wheels with silver paint yet again! So on this the second night Les made dinner and I got the deck chairs out, we had been sat outside Plodd about 1 hour when we were approached by 4 […]

Still in Russia

Sorry we have not made any posts but as soon as we get a minute and a internet connection we will be a back we have spent 5 days on the same road crossing Russia and yes Rosemary we have seen the total population of mosquito of the world Dave