Campsite Camping S Romania

Hi to All,

We are on a very nice campsite in Mamaia Nord Constanta for a few days.

Well it is Tuesday 13th May and yesterday our new good friends Roxanna, Lilli, Mihai and Simon, not forgetting Sasha the little white dog left for there homes in Bucharest at 1pm (13.00). We had a lovely time the last few days with them, they made us feel so welcome and included us in everything they did. Thanks Guys for making our stay in your country so nice, we will be back to see you, in fact we nearly set off for Bucharest this morning but decided against it as we know that you would all be at work! So I walked up to where your tents were and the ground was still a lighter shade of green compared to the rest of the ground as you predicted Simon.
We also met John and his wife Susan from Bacup in Lancashire who pitched there tent next to us for two nights before they went on there way to Bulgaria for there two week holiday. It was very interesting chatting with you both and a pleasure to have met you. We have taken down the awning ready for a quick start tomorrow when we will be heading up country to Moldova and spending two or three nights in the capital Chisinau, before the big dash across the Ukraine into Russia on the morning of the 18th May. So you may not hear from us for a few days but you might see us on BBC world news! LOL!!!!!



2 thoughts on “Campsite Camping S Romania

  1. Hello Dave,
    About the meeting in Camping S…we are so sad because it was so short.You are great persons and your life experience is fabulous.So we need more than 2 days to stay and talk.Maybe 2 years:).We wait for you in Bucharest and we promise you a nice visit.Maybe we will go toghether in a tour in Romania.We decided to go back in Camping S in june (next month).It will be empty without Plodd.We had a good trip back home.Sasha is still sleeping.He will wake up maybe tomorow:) but we are not sure.
    We will follow your trip and we want to see more pictures . If you see Cernobyl,please make photos.
    Many greatings to Lesley!!!!

    Mihai & Roxana&Sasha(the sleepy dog)

  2. We wish we could be there with you in June, but next year on our way back we will spend some time together and enjoy your wonderful country

    Dave & Les

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