Building of Plodd

PloddPlodd is our truck/Motorhome/Van she got her name from her first and only job before we bought her in March this year (2013), it was a category “A” prisoner transporter complete with 10 prison cells.  Manufactured in 1996 she has only done 32Km (20,000m) in total and has been serviced every 6 months by Mercedes.   We then purchased a German built 2008 accident damaged caravan and have transplanted the caravan interior into the truck (the interior is about 85% completed), Plodd is at this moment away in Leyland having extra fuel tanks fitted (total 360 Lt) water tank (about 300 Lt) waist water tank and a domestic gas supply, hopefully this will be completed before we get back to Blackpool.

I have stripped all the prison cells out of Plodd and it is looking very big inside now it is empty.  I think I have found a company to fit Plodd with all the equipment to do the trip.  We have bought a 2008 German build caravan that has been in a accident and is  complete with a undamaged interior.  The company has said they can use most of the interior equipment to furnish Plodd’s interior.  Plodd’s  insulation already in the truck is 200mm thick on the floor and 125mm on the roof & sides so I think that should be fine for our trip so that is a big job that we will not have to do.  There is also two 24v air-con units and two diesel heater units with two 24v roof fans.  Plodd had all this equipment fitted by the UK prison service department in line with the human rights of the prisoners.  I must say that I was a little disappointed that there was not a TV in each cell (only joking).

Left to do: is the charging system electrics and Air-con to be fitted which one of the guys that works for us will help me with, and there is lots of other bits and bobs. We have decided to leave the outside just as it is so no one will know what is inside, the security on Plodd is second to none the walls are 100mm thick and insulated and the the floor is about 200mm thick the windows do not open (that is why we will need aircon)
I said in the advert that she will do 125 Km that was only so any cars thinking of joining us did not think that we would slow them down.


14 thoughts on “Building of Plodd

  1. Got to hand it to you Dave, what a trip! We will be following everyday. The lil ones may use it in a school project “Uncle Dave and Auntie Leslie’s great adventure!” We’ll need lots of pictures. All the best…The Teesdales

  2. Hi Karen,

    I will send some info for the girls as soon as I get the hang of using the tools on the site.


  3. Thanks Dave looking forward to your updates.

  4. Managed to register, but I am not the best on computers so I will try and manage it.
    Good to see you both this weekend.

  5. Dave and lesley well I’ve known them for 24 years now. they are very nice people,my family and I have had extremely good nights out with them.I hope they have a safe journey and see some great sights on there trip. I’ve had many good times with them in Thailand on many occasions over the past few years I go to visit them most years and I have an amazing time, you couldn’t ask for better friends,there nothing they would not do for friends, so good luck and keep regular up dates I’m existed to know about your once in a life time journey keep safe 🙂 love from Tracey.

  6. Hi Tracy,

    Thanks for being a good friend and we both enjoyed you staying with us this year,we are now looking forward to seeing you next week in Blackpool before we start the trip
    Dave and Les

  7. Hi Duncan,

    It is always nice to see your smiling face we had a nice weekend up in Khon Kaen, next time you see us will be when we are on the final leg of the trip just after we enter Thailand from Laos in Plodd
    See you in August
    Dave & Les

  8. Come on you Plodders, Get Ploddin.
    Millo & the Mrs.

  9. What an amazing adventure!!!! Can’t wait to see the pictures of your progress. Also- that truck is awesome!

  10. Congratulations Dave and Lesley on doing this awesome Plodd adventure and for doing such a cool blogg so that we can all live it with you. Can you upload some more photos ?
    regards. Blu. Thailand

  11. Hello World Travelers! We have been following you all along. The girls ask where you are and how far you have to go all the time. Must say we are jealous, you must ship the Plodd over here when you done, you can go from the Florida Keyes to Alaska, really see North America! The girls could be your co-pilots! We’d be more than happy to let you borrow them while we are in Jamaica! Safe Travels, much love…miss you…Kaz

  12. One for the girls I hope you are enjoying following us on Plodd and don’t forget to post some comments or questions to us.


  13. Hi Blu,

    Tried to call you on Viber but no answer, will try again soon


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