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Well Plodd has been in Asia for over 18 months now and it is time to start planning her trip back to Europe, so our tentative plan is to start out from Thailand early May next year (2017) so we are looking at traveling across China from Laos to Mongolia around the middle to late May that way the timing will put us in Mongolia in late June early July which would be good timing weather wise.
We do know the perfect Guide for our reverse trip through China and we are awaiting her route and price.

We will have to spend time updating somethings on Plodd, i.e. the outside temperature is causing problems with the fridge, but I have a plan for that, we have had a new fibreglass roof put on Plodd but there is still some seals want replacing and lots of other small jobs.



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  1. So since I last commented that we are going to drive back to Europe we thought of selling Plodd then we decided maybe we should ship her to America and finally we have decided to retun to Europe.
    So we now have got a start date 1st June 2017, that is the date Plodd will leave Plodd Stop for ever, our route will be similar to the one that we took on the way to Thailand Laos,China then Mongolia but then we may go into the Stans but that is undecided.
    Unfortunately we will not be using Spring’s sevices to guide us thgrough China as she has some personal problems at the moment, but we wish her all the best for the future, however, 2 of our first guests that stayed at Plodd Stop (Amy & Will) have recommended the guide that they used, her name is Green so we are hoping to be able to get Green to guide us through China. So if there is anybody thinking of driving from Laos to Mangolia we would be more than happy to share the cost.

  2. So the work starts now, getting Plodd ready for the big trip back to Europe.
    Check check and check again; the first thing I found was the steering Drag-link looked a bit worn and the bushes on the rear anti roll bar needed replacing, so my good friend Horst (ex Mercedes Benz) helped or should I say I helped him take the old drag-link off, I then set about trying to find the parts, the bushes for the anti roll bar was no problem, they where the same as Toyota uses on one of there current models, however, I could not find the Drag-link anywhere, so I looked for one on ebay in the UK knowing our friends Tracey and Derk where coming here so I asked them to bring it with them in mid February when they come to Thailand on holiday.
    I then started to look at the inside of Plodd, I found a hole in the floor, then it expanded into having to replace most of the floor in the cabin, this took another friend John and I over a week to replace.It was a big job. There will be lots of other jobs to be done before we set off, like replacing the brake shoes and pads, changing and topping up oil’s, re gas the aircon, re sitting the Generator and getting the engine brake to work and now is the time I will be doing these jobs before it gets to hot here in Thailand.
    We are planning a trip (not in Plodd but in our Thai 4×4) from the south east Thailand where we live up to and into the north of Laos close to the Chinese border via Chang Rai when Tracey and Derk arrive, so that should be interesting.

  3. OK I know that most of you will have realised by now I am not very good with this web site, however, I have found a useful tool,
    if after entering the site you click on the small map on the left hand site it will then go to a full screen then click on any of the marker pins on it then it opens up the comments on that subject. Dave

    So we are nearly ready for the big trip back to Europe, we have found some French people that are going to share the guide through China with us, our starting date is 7th or 8th June 2017 from Pattaya, we will drive from there up to the far north of Thailand (about 3 or 4 days) to the Thai/Laos border near Chang Rai Thailand after crossing the border, there is not many places to see other than one very sleepy town called Luang Namtha, we plan stoping there one night then heading to the Laos/Chineses border.

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