Back in the driving seat

Well unfortunately Plodd is back on the move! I say unfortunately because we thought we would be able to keep Plodd in Thailand until we decided what to do next with her, however, the Thai authorities have other ideas. As I put in earlier notes we only got 30 days for Plodd to stay in Thailand, but was lead to believe by the customs officer at the border on the way into Thailand that the province that we live in Chonburi was the only place able to extend it, we have now found out that this is not the case and according to the customs office in Chonburi only the border customs could have authorized a longer time, so we are just going round in circles and have now run out of time.

The only thing left that we can do is to take Plodd out of Thailand into Cambodia, where a friend of a friend says we can keep it at his home until we decide what to do next.

We are going to set off for Cambodia on Friday 29th August taking it slowly and hoping to arrive at the border on Saturday, where we will try to get Thai customs to give us a 6 month stay and if this is possible we will return back to our home in Plodd on the Saturday. However, if this does not work we will hang about at the border until Sunday night when the guy that will look after Plodd goes back across to his home in Cambodia.

We are really hoping that the Thai border customs will give us the 6 months, but we also know we are grasping at straws!