Awaiting our passports from the UK

Sunday 4th May 2014


We are still in Varna, Bulgaria after 11 nights here, over the last few days Varna has been hosting the tall Ships regatta,(photos to follow). We have had mixed accommodation here first staying 5 nights on Plodd then 2 nights in the Perfect Hotel (and it was)! Then 2 nights on Plodd and the last 2 nights in the Perfect Hotel. We would have moved on but we needed an address for DHL to deliver our new Passports with our Mongolian and Chinese visa’s in.
The Perfect hotel is right in the city centre and they have given us the VIP suite it is amazing it is a completely round room about 6m in diameter with LED lights in the ceiling around a stone pillar, the room itself is on the lower ground level and has the biggest bath I have ever seen.
On Monday we are hoping to take delivery of the passports. Then it is decision time Ukraine or not the Ukraine!! At this moment in time we are still planning to go through the Ukraine that is why I was asking for any information on the situation.