Well we are off !!!

  Sunday 15th February 2015 We decided to just go to Cambodia this time, so we set off on Sunday at 5pm traveling to Mae Phim about 2 hours from Pattaya and spent the night at a restaurant that we like to visit when we are in that area called Buffalo Bills. It has good […]

Plodd will soon be back on the move

Well Plodd’s 6 months in Thailand (plus the month the Thai authorities gave Plodd on arrival)  is nearly up. So we have got to start thinking of a date to leave Thailand and it must be before Plodd’s 6 months is up on the 24th Feb, also both Lesley and I have got to report […]

Thai TV interview

Here is the video aired on Pattaya Mail: It is also on “Youtube” if you search on “Journey Of a Lifetime UK To Thailand By Plodd”

Almost ready to return to the UK

We are almost ready to return to the UK, our friends and acquaintances have now all gone on their separate ways,  some to the north of Thailand and others making there way into Malaysia. I don’t think any of them have a fixed time table so we may see them return our way before making […]

Aircon on Plodd

Hi Everybody, I have just undertaken a big job on Plodd, the 24v aircon works so good that when it is on it blasts cold air out that much that the condensation (water) blows out with the air all over the inside, so I decided to re site the aircon unit under Plodd, what a […]

Back in the driving seat

Well unfortunately Plodd is back on the move! I say unfortunately because we thought we would be able to keep Plodd in Thailand until we decided what to do next with her, however, the Thai authorities have other ideas. As I put in earlier notes we only got 30 days for Plodd to stay in […]

The final few days and thoughts of the trip

1st August 2014   Arrival at the Thai border.   The Thai customs would only give us 30 days for Plodd to stay in the country, but did say that the customs in Chonburi may be able to extend this when we get home (so fingers crossed). We left the border and I went to […]

Ready to cross in to Thailand tomorrow

31st July 2014   Last night we went back for a meal at the restaurant La Cave where the staff know us from past visits, they always make us very welcome and the food was as good as ever. We did have one problem though, that you will not believe, when the starter’s arrived we […]

Getting close to the Laos border

24th July 2014   Not a lot to report, only that I went out on the electric bike and must have done 20k round the city, and like I said at night went out for dinner we had lots of food, in fact too much really with Spring, Guido and Paula first traveling by donkey […]

Saying goodbye to good friends in Saynshand

26th June 2014 Yesterday morning I was looking for a laundry to have some clothes washed but could not find one so I called in to the Royal, the restaurant that we went in on the first night in Saynshand. The young girl called Enkhmaa that served us on that night spoke English and she […]