Bad news at Cambodian border

Well I am sorry to say it was bad news when we did reach the Laos/Cambodian border, just like I said in my least report the Cambodian customs officer asked for our Carnet only this time he would not let us through the border without it so we had to turn round and head back […]

Nice time with Duncan

14th August 2015 Hi Everybody, We reached ¬†Khon Khen yesterday and had a good night out with Duncan. Next day we decided to hit the road at about 9.30 and head for the Laos border, no problems on the Thai side but when we arrived on the Laos side the authorities could not agree as […]

The day to set off on another trip is here.

12th August 1015 We are setting off on a short 2 week trip to Laos and Cambodia, Plodd must leave the Kingdom this month and hopefully we will get another 6 months when we return. We will be leaving the Plodd Stop at around 11am today and taking it easy hopefully arriving 200 km north […]

Back after our Train ride from Bangkok to Singapore

So we are now back at home in Thailand after our wonderful train ride from Bangkok to Singapore on the Eastern & Orient Express and now getting stuck in to getting Plodd ready. We have decided that we will only have just over 2 weeks to spare for our next trip so this is going […]

Planning our next adventure

Well we and Plodd are getting itchy feet (or tyres) so we are about to start planning our next trip, we think about 3 or 4 weeks. So we plan on leaving the Plodd Stop early August and setting off north to a town north west of Bangkok called Phitsanulok it is a nice place […]

Thailand and a real Overlanders Stop.

When we arrived back in Thailand we decided to buy a piece of land to build a purpose built Overlanders Stop on it, the construction has now started and it is looking good, it will consist of toilets,showers,washing machine safe parking with electricity and will even have 2 on suite bedrooms that will be for […]

Back in England

  15th May 2015 We have been back in England 7 weeks and enjoyed being here, however, it is time to return to Thailand, all the dogs and Plodd. Since we left Thailand we have had a fire at the house there (fortunately no one was hurt) so we will have to sort out the […]

Setting off back to Thailand from Cambodia

  Monday 23rd February 2015 We stayed in Phnom Penh for 3 nights and very much ¬†enjoyed our time there, but it was now time to set off back to Thailand. We were going to use the same border crossing that we left by. We set off from the Hotel at 9.30am, the traffic in […]

Phnom Penh

The first meal out in Phnom Penh was a disaster the steak was inedible and such a disappointment. In the past when we have been in Phnom Penh we have dined at this restaurant (La Marmite). After the meal we had a couple of beers then went back to the hotel. The next morning Mao […]

Kampot to Phnom Penh the capital of Cambodia

  Thursday 19th February 2015 After arriving in Kampot I tried the same trick again ? We found the Tourist Information Office on the banks of the river and I asked if we could plug Plodd in to their electricity, it nearly worked but the brother of the guy I was talking to turned up […]