Europe 2018

So over the winter months the Post Office in Hungary have replaced all the braking system including new rear drums, brake shoes and calipers, front disks and disk pads. The suspension and steering they replaced ball joints, ant-role bar and all rubber bushes, all shock absorbers and tracked the wheels. They then went on to […]

On our way back

So yesterday Plodd left Thailand for the very last time and we drove into Laos, the Laos border authorities would not let us use our passports that have our Chinese visa’s in, saying that they could only put a Laos visa in the passport that we have a Thai exit stamp in, so I do […]

The Day as arrived

So today 8th June 2017 is the big day and we will be leaving Plodd Stop for the very last time in Plodd, one the first day our trip will take us from Pattaya to Phitsanulok in Thailand, which is a long way north of Bangkok, from there our plan is to go to Chiang […]

Ready to leave the UK flying on the 18/04/2017

Well it is the 16th April and we we will soon be flying back to Thailand from the UK, we think we have everything we need for Plodd and the journey driving back to Europe, the only thing we are waiting for is the Visa from the Chinese embassy in London, our friend Brian is […]

Almost ready for the trip back to Europe

So we are in the UK at the moment just for a month getting things for the trip and seeing our friends here, Plodd is well on the way to being ready for her trip, most of the jobs on my list have been done. One job that John and I could not work out […]

Back to Europe

Well Plodd has been in Asia for over 18 months now and it is time to start planning her trip back to Europe, so our tentative plan is to start out from Thailand early May next year (2017) so we are looking at traveling across China from Laos to Mongolia around the middle to late […]

Plodd Stop our new Overlander Stop

Well Plodd Stop is now complete and looking good, If anybody is interested in using the facilities you can find all the details on or just Google Plodd Stop Dave

Repairs and renewals

We are now back at home in Thailand (Plodd Stop) and we are looking at changing somethings on Plodd starting with the Aircon, On our last trip the first night we stayed on Plodd, the restaurant we had dinner at allowed us to plug into there electric supply so our 240v aircon kept us cool […]