Well we are off !!!


Sunday 15th February 2015

We decided to just go to Cambodia this time, so we set off on Sunday at 5pm traveling to Mae Phim about 2 hours from Pattaya and spent the night at a restaurant that we like to visit when we are in that area called Buffalo Bills. It has good food and friendly staff. It was so hot on Plodd that we could not sleep very well, anyway the next day we continued down to Customs House about 20 km before the border crossing with Cambodia. I went to see my man in Customs House to say hi and give him a New Years present (it is Chinese New Year) and ask if he will be able to issue us with another 6 months for Plodd when we return. He said no problem anytime we use his border it will be 6 months, he then asked when we were planning to cross into Cambodia so I told him tomorrow at 11am, he said he would be at the border waiting to assist us.

That night we went back to the town in Thailand called Trat and booked into the Central Hotel (great value for money double room Bt900 = £18 including breakfast). At 7.30am I set off to the Homepro (B&Q) to see if I could get anything to repair one of the safety straps that hold the entrance steps up when traveling, which I did. At 9am we were on our way, we arrived at the border and sure enough my man was there! The officer that was starting to deal with us was politely pushed to one side and our man took over the process he took about 15 minutes and when I said to him will we be ok for 6 months on the way back in, the officer at the side said 6 months??? and my man said when ever these people come here you must always give them 6 months for there car.

So we went back to Plodd and set off for what we knew would be hard work to the Cambodian side, first stop Customs,and the paperwork for Plodd. The Cambodian customs officer asked for our Carnet I told the officer we were from the UK we don’t need one so he phoned his boss and he told him to let us go and not hassle us, we cleared both sides in less than 1 hour, amazing, like Lesley said maybe the officer in Thailand contacted his counterpart in Cambodia for us, so we left the border as pleased as punch.

We then traveled on to Sahanoukville a up and coming holiday resort on the south coast of Cambodia and stayed in Plodd 2 nights, I managed to chat up the officer in the tourist information office on the seafront to let us plug Plodd into there AC for the 2 days/nights so the aircon is working great.

We found a nice restaurant in the centre called So and the food was that good we ate there both nights, the King prawns were to die for and so was the fresh squid.

Anyway we will be moving on tomorrow to a town called Kampot which sits on the Prek Kampong bay river which sounds good.