Walk in to the Town

Hi, Robinson Crusoe here, 21st April 2014

Today we left Plodd down in the harbor while we went a walk into town to have a look around. It is a lovely little old fashioned centre, reminds me a little of the Old town on the island of Rhodos, we were looking for a shoe repairer and to have something to eat.
We sat at a café and asked for a menu, then asked again for a menu but the waiter asked if we would like a gyros so we said yes two please and two coke light. We ate the food that was quite nice then he presented us with the bill 50 TL, the other cafes around about were all advertising the same thing on boards at 5 TL each including a coke! Not a lot we could do other than just pay (we now know why he did not give us a menu).
After lunch we set off to find a cobblers, when we found one we decided to go back to Plodd and get our shoes there was one pair of my deck shoes wanted sole and heals (I had asked for a price for just them when we were in Greece, they wanted 40 Euros there), two pairs of my black shoes wanted heals, one pair of Lesleys shoes wanted heals and last but not least a pair of Lesleys boots needed both soles and healing, the total price was 50 TL (15 Euros) for the lot!( the same price as the lunch, so it is like you say you win some and you lose some).
It did make Greece sound dear, generally speaking we have found Turkey to be the cheapest place we have been so far, other than the cost of diesel and beer, when it comes out much more expensive than all the other places, close to UK on these two items.

Anyway tonight we are going to walk into the town for something to eat and a glass or two of the local beer Efes, we plan on staying in Turkey until Thursday then being close to both Greece and Bulgaria we will either go back into Greece or straight into Bulgaria we don’t know yet which.