User Clean Up

ZombieI was doing some investigation for Dave about users who say they cannot post comments and discovered that there were nearly 3,000 users registered.  After further investigation, it became obvious that nearly all these users were auto enrolled from various spam web sites.

The spam sites do this in an attempt to post spam related comments.  These spam created users exist in the User database, but are never used for a login, and we call these types of users “Zombie Users”.

I have added programming so anyone who is signing up as a new user must first prove that you are human by solving a math question.

I have deleted all users who have never made a comment or post, except for email addresses ending with .uk.

Your user id may have been deleted if you have never made a comment or a post, or your email address does not end with .uk.  I apologize and ask that you re-sign up as a new user.