Urgent News Flash From Plodd

Plodd News Update. 5.30pm (17.30) 13th May 2014

We decided to take Plodd and fill up before our next destination (no not with diesel we have loads of that! With beer!) So we set off with the satnav telling us LIDL 4.5km great, then 5 mins into the journey we started smelling gas in Plodd and a lot of gas to the point I stopped at the side of the road and could still smell gas, so I went under Plodd and switched the safety valve on the gas tank off. Then we opened the window and continued to LIDL, when we got there Les went to get the beer etc., and I stayed on Plodd and took out the sliding drawers so I could see behind the cooker and the fridge. I couldn’t see any pipes broken and from what we smelt it had to be at the very least a broken pipe. Les came back with the 78 litres of beer (Great Price £1.20 for 2 litres!) (no room in her trolly for food) and we then started worrying about the gas leak. We went back the same way we had come, going to go back to Camping S. There I could investigate the leak. How lucky can you get? On the way back there was a great big gas tank where you fill up cars etc., so I pulled in to see if there was a technician that could take a look at Plodd. I then realized that the gas smell had returned , but I had not turned the gas back on so it could not be coming from Plodd, guess where the smell was coming from? NO not Plodd it was coming from this massive gas tank on the way to LIDL!!!! So we hurriedly left. And we have not heard a big bang yet.

Sigh of relief, Dave.