Up dates on the Ukraine

3rd May 2014

Hi to everyone,

I would first like to thank everybody that has sent details as to what the BBC etc., are saying about the Ukraine situation. We are in close contact with some people that have already passed through the Ukraine but very shortly it will be our turn, so the info is now drying up. I hope you will be kind enough to still send it to us.
Just to clarify we will be passing through the west and north of the Ukraine not Crimea or the city of Odessa, if we decide to abort this route on the trip then we will have thousands of extra miles back to Hungary,Poland and Latvia to travel, this decision will have to be taken in the next 48 hours, after that we would need to be traveling 10/12 or more hours per day to catch up.
So you can see that the info you can provide is very important to us.
Thanks again for all your help!
Our proposed route is from the Moldova border to Vinnytsia to Zhtomyr to Kiev to Nizhyn to Konotom then to the Russian border, you may find the spelling you find is slightly different to my spelling as our maps are in Hungarian/Polish.