Still just outside Krasnojarsk but moving on tomorrow

4th June 2014

4th June 2014

We are still just outside Krasnojarsk in the truck stop, we decided to stay after Ilena said she would like to show us around the City, so yesterday at 3pm she arrived with her husband Victor in their car to take us on a trip around Krasnojarsk.

First we drove for about 40 mins to a look out point above the City where you can see the very wide river flowing down past the City, we took some photos and Les bought some postcards for Loops, we then got back in the car and drove into the City centre. We walked down to the river where the road bridge crosses and took photos, with the bridge as a back drop, this bridge is famous all over Russia as it was on the back of old 10 ruble paper note.  Ilena went and asked for one of the notes from a street seller and gave it to us.

We then went back to the car set off for another view point this time in the city and on the other side of the river, at the railings looking out over the city we noticed padlocks fastened to the railings and asked Elena what they were, she told us that when people get married they come to this place and add a padlock to the railings, something like locking there love for one another together.

We then went to a microbrewery in the City for dinner the beer was first class and the food was good we sat chatting with Ilena and Victor (Ilena translating for Victor). We finished our dinner then Victor drove us back to Plodd.

Les and I talked about the next day traveling and decided that we would stop at the truck stop one more night. This truck stop is just like the others in that you find a café, restaurant and sometimes like this one a motel, the strange thing is the restaurant or café don’t have a toilet you have to go outside to another building that usually has nice and clean toilets and showers that have an attendant permanently on duty 24 hours a day. You have to pay, sometimes 10rr (20p)or 15rr (30p) I have been using their services here at this truck stop for showers, toilet and washing our clothes so I asked if they would charge my apple mac, then the vacuum cleaner, and now my shaver, they don’t seem to mind so when we leave tomorrow everything will be clean and charged ready for the next part of our journey. Ilena says when we leave tomorrow we will see nothing, no shops, no towns, no villages for about 500km!!!