How it all started?

How it all StartedIt all started about 7 or 8 years ago I had this brainwave I wanted to drive to Thailand from Blackpool. Anyway it did not materialise as one thing or another stopped us, I had almost resigned myself to not doing the trip when we briefly met Rosemerie,Werner and Fidibus, we were on one of our many trips from Thailand to Laos stopping at the AV hotel in Vientiane and I walked out of the hotel to see a Bright Red 4×4 Iveco Daily Van with Swiss number plates, so I hovered around to see if I could see the occupants! Out popped Werner I could not wait to speak to him so we had a little chat about where they had been and it all sounded very interesting and that was that, Lesley arrived and we went out for a very nice meal and during the meal I was telling Lesley about Rosemerie and Werner’s wonderful trip they were on.
Nothing else said we finished our meal and the next day we set off back to Thailand. A week or two later Les said that I had not mentioned the trip and that she thought that I should get some information on a trip from UK to Thailand, so I started looking at possible routes and came up with allsorts of possibilities excluding the Middle East for obvious reasons .After discussing the possibility of a trip Les said that she thought that it would be a good idea to look at vehicles, so I did some research and started looking on the internet and came up with a ex prison truck, it was for sale in the Birmingham area so as we were still in Thailand I asked for more details about the truck and this is the results: It had been first registered on the 23rd May 1996 and had been owned by the Avon and Summerset Police from new and had travelled a total of 32,000km (an average of 1800km per year) it had been serviced every 6 months (paper work provided from Mercedes agent via the police) so it had probably had almost as much oil (oil changes) as it had used diesel in its lifetime.
They were looking for £5,000 plus vat so we offered them £4,000 plus the VAT and they agreed, so we were travelling back to the UK the next week so I went down to Birmingham to collect the truck. When they first started the engine smoke poured out of it then it cleared and was ready to transport to Blackpool on trade plates that the police allow you to use (temporary insurance and road tax for the journey). She drove like a new truck at some point I looked at the speedometer and she was touching 125km,anyway once back in Blackpool my job of stripping out the police cells and all other equipment not needed for the trip started, by this time we had also purchased a accident damaged German built caravan (2008 model) to use the interior to kit her out.
We were looking for a name for her and decided on “PLODD” now anyone from the UK will understand this, Plodd is English slang for the name for a police man (used in some children’s cartoons) and it also means to go slowly at your own pace, so that is how PLODD got her name!
Well we are now 6 weeks on and the truck is taking shape everything that needed to come out is out and I have just finished all the modifications to the roof which turned out to be a bigger job than first thought as the roof had 10 escape hatches in it that needed to be filled in, I have also started the refit starting with the floor walls and ceiling then we turned our hand to fitting the bathroom out (it looks good), we will be leaving the UK in 2 weeks to return to Thailand for 4 months so the job will stop until we return in September for 2 months but I would like to complete the near side of the truck before we go.


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