Special Eggs

Saturday 12th April 2014

It is the day before leaving the campsite just outside the capital Tirane (Nord park hotel and camp) Albania, I noticed that the chickens that just wander around the campsite aimlessly had laid several eggs in their nest. This was at around 4 pm (16.00) when we watched one of the staff collecting the freshly laid eggs, the lady asked if I would like them and she gave me the 6 eggs. How fresh are they then? You know these people are not the richest people in the world but they are all very kind. Another thing that we don’t get at home really fresh free range eggs. That sort off thing makes this trip rather special!


2 thoughts on “Special Eggs

  1. Hi Dave & Les.

    Carry on you campers, and how many countries so far is it, must be double figures nearly. I like the egg story , how did you have them ?

    Every ones okay .. Take care
    Millo & the Mrs.
    And all the gang.

  2. Hi Mark,

    We had them Sunny side up, and I think it is 15 countries so far.

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