Setting off back to Thailand from Cambodia


Monday 23rd February 2015

We stayed in Phnom Penh for 3 nights and very much  enjoyed our time there, but it was now time to set off back to Thailand. We were going to use the same border crossing that we left by. We set off from the Hotel at 9.30am, the traffic in Phnom Penh at that time is crazy, especially the motorbikes, it took us at least 1 hour to get to the outskirts of the city and we then continued for another couple of hours at which time we stopped for lunch. After lunch we continued on to the border, arriving at 13.30. On the Cambodian side they wanted no paperwork whatsoever for Plodd so we crossed to the Thai side in no time at all. On the Thai side things were a little different but our Customs officer friend was there to see a smooth passage through and the 6 months for Plodd! The total time from one side to the other was about 1 hour 30mins including buying some duty free, that is fast by any borders standards.

We hear a lot of stories about people having great difficulty taking cars into Cambodia, but in our experience we have never had a problem, the other stories you hear are that the Cambodian Police are forever stopping foreigners, on that subject the first time we took our Thai registered car into Cambodia we did get stopped on several occasions but with Plodd being UK registered we were not stopped once. At 15.00 we set off for Trat knowing full well we would not get home so we booked in to the Trat Central Hotel for the night.

The next morning we set off in Plodd for our home in Chonburi arriving at 13.00 in the afternoon.

Another nice but this time short trip