Second night in Russia and the same truck stop.

Still in the same truck stop but we have got the new tyres and I have repainted Plodds wheels with silver paint yet again! So on this the second night Les made dinner and I got the deck chairs out, we had been sat outside Plodd about 1 hour when we were approached by 4 truck drivers who wanted to talk to us about our trip, all 4 spoke English, however, Seb spoke very good English. We chatted and I asked Seb if he would come to the truckers shop next to the parking area to help me buy a new satnav as I could not speak Russian. He said you don’t need to buy one I will give you my spare and you can keep it, so he went and got it from his truck, set it up in English and programmed Plodds specifications: length, height,and weight etc, he then took me with one of the other guys that spoke fluent Russian to the truckers shop to buy some bits I needed. On entering the shop Seb said keep your mouth shut until we come out, on our way out he said if the shop keeper had heard us speaking English the prices would have doubled!

After our trip to the shop the guy that spoke perfect Russian came over to Plodd and gave me his own hardback map book and said it is for you, these amazing people were from Serbia and said we had to promise that if we were ever in Serbia we must phone them to meet again. The night ended and  we all said our goodbyes, but one thing is for sure, if we do do the return trip we will go via Serbia and hopefully we will meet these nice people again.

Thanks to you four nice guys it was a pleasure to meet you! Both the satnav and the map book have been invaluable.

Dave and Les