Saying goodbye to good friends in Saynshand

26th June 2014

Yesterday morning I was looking for a laundry to have some clothes washed but could not find one so I called in to the Royal, the restaurant that we went in on the first night in Saynshand. The young girl called Enkhmaa that served us on that night spoke English and she was there so I asked her if she new of a laundry. After a little discussion with her boss she asked me to follow her downstairs and we arrived at Plodd, she asked me to get the clothes that wanted washing so I did then she said she would bring them back in 1 hour, when she returned she had washed and dried them for us, after that Enkhmaa took me shopping for some bits I needed for Plodd.What nice and helpful people the Mongolian people are.
Also yesterday in the afternoon we were just sitting in Plodd watching the traffic go by when I spotted a Land Rover Discovery it turned right then disappeared. Later on we went for dinner at a hotel round the corner from Plodds parking spot and outside was the Discovery. When we went into the restaurant the Norwegian owner of the car Jarle and his friend Klar were sitting at the next table we got chatting and had a beer with them we said before you leave tomorrow come and have a coffee and a chat at Plodd. Before they left for the border we had a nice chat and a coffee, they were both very impressed with Plodd. They set off for the Chinese border and I guess they will now be in China or very close to being.
This lunch time like all the others since we arrived in Saynshand we headed out of town into the desert to have lunch, it is not only hot but absolutely silent.
Tonight is our last night in the town so we are going to go back to the best restaurant in town, the Royal, to have dinner and to say goodbye to Enkhmaa we will be sad to say goodbye to her.
I have also had to say goodbye to Galaa the guy from city hall that as been a great help and today recharged my Mac ready for the trip south.
We don’t know when we will get an internet connection next so it maybe sometime before we are back on