Russia into Mongolia

10th June 2014

We did set off on the road on the 6th stopping on the way in the rear of a kafé (Russian spelling) on the first night then on to the M55 (yes the M55 just look at the state of the roads) that took us onto Lake Baical for one night in a truck stop, the lake is “amazballs” to look at, it is 675 km long and the deepest lake in the world. We decided we would stop just one night before arriving at the Russian/Mongolian border in two days time. However, the next day we just kept looking for somewhere to stop and eventually we arrived at the border, to be honest we had had enough of Russia so quite happy to see the border even though we had met some nice people while traveling through Russia. We had a dire meal in the restaurant by the border then I got talking to two Russian Truck drivers (as you all know I don’t speak Russian and they definitely did not speak English) I had a great time drinking Vodka in the cab of there Scania 877, (yes me drinking vodka behind the wheel, now most of you that know Les and I would have lost your houses betting that Les would have been the first to drink Vodka on this trip! however, it was me). Inside the cab of the Scania is like a home everything you would ever need on a long trip, amazing, anyway the border was closed until 9am the next day and my new mates pushed Plodd and us to the front of the queue. At 9am the next day we were first to go and the Russian customs came onboard Plodd, they just had a quick look around then said thank you – you can go.

Then the Mongolian immigration people where fantastic one of the officers stayed with us throughout the full process and filled in all the forms for us, it only took 2hour 30 minutes from one side to the other, then we set off into Mongolia. Mongolia gives you the feeling that you just want to drive slowly, 40mph and don’t want to drive any faster, we watched wild horses with their foals frolicking, what a wonderful sight. We then stopped to make a cup of tea, five minutes later two real nice overlander trucks pulled over to talk to us, the four guys were from Holland, with two beautiful clean trucks. Hope we see you again before you reach China on the 24th June, I will send you the photos I have of you setting off in your trucks.

Anyway we continued on to the city of Darkhan and wild camped in the city opposite the police box in the centre of the biggest roundabout I have ever seen. Oh and we had Plodd cleaned we had to after seeing the two trucks from Holland, it took three guys 2hours and 45 minutes and 1000 Russian rubbels (25 euros) she was a very very dirty girl!

Anyway you are now up to date, I hope I will be able to find an internet connection early tomorrow. Les has a rather long overdue blog to post which we will update at the first opportunity she gets



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