Road conditions

23rd March 2014

About the road conditions up to now,

The roads in France,Belgium,Luxembourg and Germany were pretty good but on entering the Czech Republic they deteriorated dramatically, then Poland got ever worse potholes and bits of road missing everywhere, it is giving Plodd a good shaking to the point yesterday we had to get the exhaust system put back on, it took the mechanic 1 hour to sort it out and he also replaced a headlamp bulb the cost was £6 including the cost of the bulb.

On prices we went out to a nice restaurant last night 3 beers each a bottle of wine, starter and main for £35, hope the next country Slovakia is the same sort of prices

Again the weather is looking good if it gets any better it will be out with the shorts, so we will be going to visit Auschwitz today then we will be leaving Poland for Slovakia tomorrow.