Restaurant California & A Military Display

15th June 2014


Looks like the plans are changing, the people we were meeting in Ulaanbaatar look like they will have to go straight to the Chinese border because they are running out of time to see all that they want to see, so we will also head straight to the Chinese border through the Gobi but not for a few days yet. There isn’t a problem with this as we have reliable information that the roads from Ulaanbaatar to Erenhot on the Chinese border are in good condition unlike the road into Ulaanbaatar from the Russian border.


Yesterday we went into the main centre of the capital, Parliament square, the military were marching up and down and putting on a rather large display, they were also showing off there latest spy equipment, they had two military drones. The drones were about .75m and had some nice looking cameras build into the front and bottom, they also had on display a vehicle with four high powered cameras attached to the roof. Sorry Blu but they didn’t like the idea of me taking photos!

We were not sure what the ceremony was about and there was nothing to tell us written in English, but it was still very interesting to see. After the trip into Parliament Square we went and did a little bit of shopping, found the Post Office for Loops’s cards, before returning to Plodd around 3.30pm (15.30) by the same mode of transport as we arrived there in.


All day the weather was nice and sunny until about 4pm (16.00) when it suddenly went dark and cold then fork lightening started and then rain, we put the heating on in Plodd for the first time for ages. A little later we used the Ulaanbaatar transportation system to go back into town, we had received information during the day about a good Thai restaurant in the centre so we thought we would give it a try, anyway it was not to be as the restaurant had closed down some weeks before our arrival in the city. We traipsed around for a while until we found Restaurant California (no hotel just a restaurant), anyway it turned out to be very good. After we had finished our meal I asked the waiter if it was possible for him to call us a taxi, next thing the restaurant manager came over and asked us where we were going and then said that our waiter would take us back to Plodd in his car, well when the car turned up it was one of the latest Toyota Hybrid, what a nice car, when we arrived at Plodd we showed him round Plodd, he seemed to be quite impressed, well we didn’t want him thinking we were staying in the hotel did we, we might want to go back to Restaurant California before we leave.


When I got up this morning I found that it was cold and still raining from the night before, that is when I decided to get on with this report, sat in the cab looking out on a very grey day.