Repairs and renewals

We are now back at home in Thailand (Plodd Stop) and we are looking at changing somethings on Plodd starting with the Aircon, On our last trip the first night we stayed on Plodd, the restaurant we had dinner at allowed us to plug into there electric supply so our 240v aircon kept us cool all night, however, from this first night we new that it would be imposable to sleep without it, so we booked into hotels for the rest of the trip. The 24v aircon works fine when we are traveling but we are just not getting the cool air in the right places in the cab or cabin, so that is the next job repositioning the outlet vents, and for in the night we need to be able to move the generator off Plodd onto the ground so we don’t get the vibration from it inside Plodd but still be secure so we don’t get it nicked in the night,these will take a little bit of thinking about but will need to be done before we take Plodd on anymore trips.



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  1. What kind of Aircon have you got in Plod and what generator? Is it fuelled by deisel or is it a mega battery? Hubby reckons I will never sleep without it and he may be right.

  2. Hi Sennals,

    We have 2 aircon units, one runs off the engine when we are traveling/running the engine, it was in the vehicle when we bought Plodd and the second aircon unit is a Domestic 1600 and we can either use this by plugging into an external power supply or the generator, our generator is a very quite but expensive 2k Honda and is powered by petrol or LPG, we have never used it on petrol and it is very economical using the internal 100lts gas tank, but you could use it on bottled gas. We also have two 6″ 24v fans mounted on the dashboard (Plodd is 24v not 12v) when we first set off we only had one and shared it, then before we set off back from Thailand I installed a second and we would not be without the fans, they work very well in the heat.
    When and where are you planning to travel and in what type of vehicle.


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