Plodd will soon be back on the move

Well Plodd’s 6 months in Thailand (plus the month the Thai authorities gave Plodd on arrival) ¬†is nearly up.

So we have got to start thinking of a date to leave Thailand and it must be before Plodd’s 6 months is up on the 24th Feb, also both Lesley and I have got to report to immigration on or before the 11th Feb if we don’t leave Thailand first, because we have been in Thailand 90 days and it is part of the conditions of our visa that we report to the authorities every 90 days, however, if we go out before the 11th, then we don’t, so we may decide to leave Thailand before the 11th Feb.

I have fixed a new canopy on the side of Plodd, which replaces the one damaged in the accident in Laos and added a small door to the storage area at the back of Plodd, I had this door left from the caravan I cannibalised to fit Plodd out in the UK, it now makes a new storage compartment and the compartment door also covers the rest of the damage to the side panel, so Plodd looks good now. I sent the new canopy and the door from UK to Thailand by container ship when we where last back in the UK, it took 10 weeks for the parts to arrive.

Our plan now is to either go into Laos and then travel through Laos into Cambodia and out of Cambodia at the same border crossing that gave us the 6 month stay in August or we may just go into Cambodia for a week or so and then arrive at that same border crossing, we think that this border crossing is our best chance of getting another 6 months for Plodd, we have not made up our minds which of the above routes we will take yet.

The diesel  prices in Thailand have gone down to about 50p (UK) a Lt. so I think it is time to fill up Plodd.


Anyway I will up date the site as soon as we know when we are going to start our small trip