Planning our next adventure

Well we and Plodd are getting itchy feet (or tyres) so we are about to start planning our next trip, we think about 3 or 4 weeks.

So we plan on leaving the Plodd Stop early August and setting off north to a town north west of Bangkok called Phitsanulok it is a nice place to hange out for a day or two, then north east to Khon Kaen before entering Laos at Vientiane. We then plan on going south in Laos to the Cambodian border, crossing the border then continuing south to the capital Phnom Phen we may get to go and see Angkor wat this time but we are not that advanced with our planning yet.

Plodd is undergoing a good coat of looking at, she developed a clunking sound on the steering on our last trip so Jack the mechanic is looking in to that, new brakes pads and shoes all round, full service and new wheel seals, ho and a new exhaust brake that cost a small fortune from Merc UK. The main job to be done is getting the aircon sorted out because Les says she is going know where in this heat (40ish in the shade) in Plodd without it working properly this time.

To give you an idea how hot it gets in the cab of Plodd I took her for a spin for an hour or so last week and the temp gauge inside the cab was reading 51c I had to stop to buy a bottle of drinking water.

Anyway that is the story so far and the Plodd Stop is coming on great.