Phnom Penh

The first meal out in Phnom Penh was a disaster the steak was inedible and such a disappointment. In the past when we have been in Phnom Penh we have dined at this restaurant (La Marmite). After the meal we had a couple of beers then went back to the hotel. The next morning Mao turned up at the hotel at 9am and I followed him in his Tuk Tuk to a place that would be able to sort a problem with the fuel delivery from Plodd’s three fuel tanks, the same problem we had once in China.There was only fuel being delivered from number one tank, anyway with it being Chinese New Year there was no one there that could do the job so Mao set about syphoning fuel out of tank three and then syphoning it into tank one. ┬áJob done! so we now have enough fuel available to get us back home in Thailand.