Leaving Berlin

Hi again,

We have found a major problem with Plodd we can’t connect to the internet in the cabin only in the drivers cab, and it gets very cold at night in the cab so I am going to respond to the following:-
Higgins. No Berlin is not like a cabaret it is not even a film! If I was to compare the transportation system it makes the London Underground system like child’s play! We were 1.30hrs into the Capital, and after the museums, gallery’s and LPShops( from now on referred to as LPS-Lady P’s Shopping) it was close on 3 hours back! Such a vibrant city, and so much to do and see, however we were shocked at the ‘Graffitti’ everywhere,and we mean everywhere, the whole buildings were covered with whatsoever the protestations were about!
Happy to get back to camp and the evening finished with a bottle of wine and a DVD from R’Trace!
Werner and Rosemarie,
I think that keeping one of the cells would have been a good idea only it would probably be me in it.
Hi Mark And Linn
Yes everything is going ok other than the internet hope everything is ok back at home in Thailand. Kisses from us to all the babies xxxxxxxxx
Talk soon
Now on to the Pizza-Cab,
This is new and the man that saved us from a walk in the dark and I mean Dark,
We decided to leave the campsite we were staying at and walk to the closest restaurant, 2km away .We arrived at the Italian restaurant about 6.30 (18.30) and before we sat down to eat we asked would it be possible for them to get us a taxi after the meal to take us back to the site? They said no problem so we sat and had a few drinks then had our steaks.We then asked if they would call the cab which they did and told us it would be half an hour which didn’t seem too much of a problem as it was still early, then their phone rang and the waiter then informed us that the cab was not coming! A Gentleman turned up to collect his pre ordered takeaway meal and overheard the waiter telling us that we would be better setting off walking, the gentleman said “stay there”,and he took his meal home and came back to drive us to the campsite. What a very nice thing to do helping someone when they had a problem!!!! I would like to think that all you guys reading this site would do the same because it seriously makes us better people!
So Ulf, we would like to thankyou for helping us and thank your wife for her understanding(and her cold Lasagne