Kampot to Phnom Penh the capital of Cambodia


Thursday 19th February 2015

After arriving in Kampot I tried the same trick again ? We found the Tourist Information Office on the banks of the river and I asked if we could plug Plodd in to their electricity, it nearly worked but the brother of the guy I was talking to turned up and said we would have to talk to the police to ask there permission to park on the pavement over night. He then said try the Pepper Guest House and gave me directions to it, so off we went to the Pepper Guest House, a nice looking place with a large parking area at the side of the house. The young man in charge said that the guest house was full but he would ask his boss if we could park Plodd, sleep in Plodd and connect the power lead, the boss said no but when I said $10 he said OK. We now had somewhere to park, after a little while he came back to me and asked if I would pay an extra $5 as we were using more power than he had first thought, I said OK.

That evening we had a short walk into the town and had a great meal at a restaurant called La java bleue, the lady owner said next time we are in Kampot we can park Plodd at her home. Thanks Donna.

We both liked Kampot very much and we will probably make this a regular stopping off place when having to take Plodd out of Thailand every 6 months.

Friday 20th February 2015,

Today we set off for Phnom Penh at 9.50am and it is about 160 km but the Cambodian drivers could give the crazy Russian drivers a run for their money (they are either suicidal or mad), they pull out into the on coming traffic all the time, mad,mad and even madder.

We arrived in the capital at about 1.0pm and stopped a tuk-tuk driver to ask him to call our long time friend Mao. Mao told the Tuk Tuk driver where we were staying and we followed him to the hotel we had booked, we will be staying at the River Home Hotel for the next 3 nights, 15 minutes after arriving at the hotel Mao arrived with 5 fresh coconuts ice cold ready to drink and a sim card that we will be able to use while we are in Phnom Penh.