In Czech Republic

Last night we stayed in Litomerice and went into the town for a drink and a rather nice meal in an underground cellar called Radnicni Sklipek. We found that a good quality beer was the equivalent of 70 cents(euros) for a half litre (65p a pint UK) so we are stopping another night in the same hotel!  The hotel owner/manager has allowed us to park Plodd in his back garden/courtyard behind locked doors.  Plodd only just fitted in-between  the gate posts maybe 50mm each side, and not much more at the back it looked like the space was made for Plodd.

Today we spent the whole day at Terezin this was a transportation camp in the then Czechoslovakia that the Nazis used to transport mainly Jews to concentration camps (history at its worst-very humbling indeed ) over 150,000 people died there mainly Jews but many Russians and Czech’s also, very sad to see this all those lives wasted.

Tomorrow we will be moving on to Poland and we are hoping to get to Auschwitz before moving on to a campsite close to the city of Krakow which is about 37 km from Auschwitz.

Hoping to have a good internet connection tomorrow if so will probably be updating.

Any comments would be welcome!!!

Dave n Herself

PS  For anybody interested our satnav is saying we are only 8683 Km from our home in Pattaya, Thailand as the crow flies. Pretty daunting!
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