From Turkey to Bulgaria and my second haircut of the trip

Hi, Robinson Crusoe here, 21st April 2014

Revenge is sweet

Today we left Plodd down in the harbor in Gelibolu while we went for a look around the town centre. It is a lovely little old-fashioned town, reminds me a little of the Old town on the island of Rhodos, where we have been many times, we were looking for a shoe repairer and to have something to eat.
We sat at a café and asked for a menu, then asked again for a menu but the waiter asked if we would like a gyros so we said yes two please and two coke light. We ate the food that was quite nice then he presented us with the bill 50 TL, the other cafes around about were all advertising the same thing on boards at 5 TL each including a coke! Not a lot we could do other than just pay (we now know why he did not give us a menu). Another lesson learnt!

After lunch we set off to find a cobblers, when we found one we decided to go back to Plodd and get our shoes there was one pair of my deck shoes wanted sole and heals (I had asked for a price for just them when we were in Greece, they wanted 40 Euros there), two pairs of my black shoes wanted heals, one pair of Lesley’s shoes wanted heals and last but not least a pair of Lesley’s boots needed both soles and healing, the total price was 50 TL (15 Euros) for the lot!( the same price as the lunch, so it is like you say you win some and you lose some).
It did make Greece sound dear, generally speaking we have found Turkey to be the cheapest place we have been so far, other than the cost of diesel and beer, when it comes out much more expensive than all the other places, close to UK on these two items.

Anyway tonight we are going to walk into the town for something to eat and a glass or two of the local beer Efes, we plan on staying in Turkey until Thursday then being close to both Greece and Bulgaria we will either go back into Greece or straight into Bulgaria we don’t know yet which.

22nd April 2014

Last night we did walk in to town but couldn’t find a restaurant that we fancied, so we just had a couple of drinks in a bar on the front then got a cab to Kumsal, Restaurant because we know that the food in there is good.When we got back to Plodd there was another motorhome with French plates on it parked next to Plodd, we sat in the cab for an hour watching the world go by before going to bed.

This morning again I was just sitting in the cab in the warm sunshine watching the many ships going by in what appears to be a very busy shipping lane, when there was a big cruise liner passing by, that brought back some memories from years past.
Later in the day we met the French couple and their two children (sorry we did not get your names) we talked and helped each other with bits of things we needed to do. They stayed two nights and on the third night left to go further into Turkey. On the morning of their second day we awoke to a VW camper parked the other side of Plodd (Turkish plates) and a very nice Turkish couple. As I was sat in the cab the guy made me a cup of black Turkish coffee it was very pleasant, thank you. There was now that many of us our wild camping was almost like being on a campsite!

So it is time to move on we decided to go into Bulgaria, so we got up early and set off for Bulgaria at 7am, we travelled all day until we arrived at 6.30 pm (18.30) in Varna.
We were looking for somewhere to camp but could not find anywhere, the streets in Varna were so narrow and crammed with parked car’s I knocked a wing mirror off a silver car. We sorted that problem out and the guy that helped us Vladmir had a small parking area at the side of his shop so he told us we could rent a space from him. Great, so we now had somewhere to stop and camp for the night and it was right in the centre of the city! Result!!!
We ended up making great friends with Vladmir and all his mates, Nick,Peter,Ogy, Bojo, Jaisan, Corcbloo, Salgay (the Chimney sweep or not ? and others but I don’t know their names and not forgetting the cats with such carachter). I would sit with them most days outside Vladmirs shop drinking coffee, joking and smoking, they all made us very welcome to the point that one of them (Ivo) when I told him in conversation that I had been considering having air suspension fitted in Greece to Plodd, drove me round and round Varna to everybody that he could think of that maybe able to fit air suspension. We eventually found a guy called Peter that said he could fit the air suspension on Plodd (at a much lower price than I was quoted in Greece) so he is starting on Monday 28th April.

We decided to stay on Plodd with our new friends in the city center over the weekend then on Monday morning when Peter starts the job we will stay in a hotel for three nights. Peter said that he would lend us a car to get around in, (these Bulgarian people are quite amazing everybody was helping us from Ivo running me around to Vladmir with the parking and his lovely wife Maleala who took me in there car to the laundry to have our washing done. What great luck we have had meeting these very kind and good people.
On Monday morning we went to Peters garage as planned at 10am but Peter was not there so we waited two hours then I phoned Ivo and he eventually contacted Peter. Peter said he was sorry and he would be there in one hour so we waited and waited, after another two and a half hours we had had enough and set off back to Vladmirs. When we got back there Nick said he would call Peter and ask what he was playing at. Peter just said he was tired! “ Thanks Peter”, we spent Friday, Saturday, Sunday and all day Monday waiting for the job to be done!!! Anyway, when you do eventually arrive at your garage you will find the contents of HRH’s throne in your letterbox !!! REVENGE IS SWEET!
Nick to the rescue, Nick started calling truck repairers in Varna and found one that said they could help with the air suspension so Nick and I setoff in a taxi to find it, at the garage they told us to take Plodd the next morning at 8am and they would sort it out so Nick arrived at Plodd in his car and followed us to the garage,where they changed the shock’s again. It did make a little difference but not as much as I wanted.
Last night I had my second haircut of the trip before we went out to eat at a very nice Bulgarian restaurant called Pectopaht, it is recommended in the Lonely Planet Guide and it was very reasonably priced, we have found that Bulgaria is cheaper than anywhere we have been so far for everything right across the board.
We are going to be staying a little long than expected in Varna as we have just been told by Warren that our second passports have arrived back in Blackpool from the Chinese Embassy in London and he will DHL them out to Vladmer address in Varna with a bit of luck.

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