Facts and Tidbits about the Trip and Plodd

Facts about Plodd, Us and the trip

  • Total distance covered 25,454km
  • The most used equipment on Plodd is definitely the horn (about 50 times a day plus)!
  • Plodd must be the most photographed vehicle in China (I am not joking)!
  • Most Chinese people want to get in Plodd to look round!
  • In Lijang the Altitude is around 2700m above sea level that makes it a little more difficult to breath, the locals have about 20% more red blood cells than us to compensate and gas burns less efficiently because there is less oxygen in the air.
  • In Lijang water boils at 86 degrees not 100 so dumplings are not very nice as they are very doey and the local’s only dream of good pasta as pasta won’t cook properly.
  • Les has found that carrots take 2 hours to cook when boiling them and you have to part boil potatoes before roasting them.
  • We have used eight tubes of toothpaste
  • I have had six haircuts
  • Only had tummy trouble twice and that was in the Ukraine and the last day in China
  • Had Plodd serviced twice
  • Replaced the shock absorbers twice
  • Refitted the Exhaust once
  • Refilled the Washer bottle six times
  • Only had to add 1lts of oil on the total journey to Plodds engine between services
  • Added ½ ltr of Brake fluid,
  • Replaced 2 headlight bulbs
  • Replaced 6 tyres
  • Paid a small fortune in toll charges on the roads in China and most other countries.
  • Les says her shoes are still in bags, never worn once!
  • 1 bottle of fairy washing up liquid was enough for the whole journey – What does that tell you ?

Stopped by police

  • Albania one
  • Bulgaria one
  • Rumania one
  • Moldova two
  • Ukraine one
  • Russia eight
  • China four
  • Up to now we have not had to pay the police anything, just waiting for Thailand.
  • Not stopped in Thailand.

Payment at the border official or otherwise

  • Albania in £25 out 0
  • Turkey in £65  out 0
  • Moldova in £50 out £35
  • Ukraine in £20 out 0
  • Russia in £0 out £0 (pre paid)
  • China in £0 out £0 (pre paid)
  • Laos no
  • Thailand no

Damage to Plodd

  • A 50mm to 70mm scratch on both sides of the back panel of Plodd
  • One side marker light broken
  • Two cups
  • One glass.
  • Fridge locking catch
  • Wardrobe door lock (repaired and replaced by a tea spoon).
  • Going through Laos we  had 1 more blowout broke 2 more cups and had an accident (we were stopped when the truck hit us) with a truck that ripped our canopy off the side of Plodd and took the top back corner marker light off.

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