User Clean Up

I was doing some investigation for Dave about users who say they cannot post comments and discovered that there were nearly 3,000 users registered.  After further investigation, it became obvious that nearly all these users were auto enrolled from various spam web sites. The spam sites do this in an attempt to post spam related […]

Photos – New and improved

Dave sent me some photos which I added to some pages under the Photos menu.  If you click on the small arrow to the right of the Photos menu, you will see some additional pages with photos organized by location.  The original photos on the Photos page are still there, and hopefully we’ll be able […]

Email Box is OK now

Just an administrative note here – With all the new people registering on the web site, the email inbox had filled up.  This is the cause of the lost photo, and perhaps others may have had issues.  I have cleared the inbox, and now that over 550 people have registered on the site, this flood […]

Any problems

If anybody has any problems getting on the site just let me know by email and I will try to sort it out Thanks  Dave