Crossing from Ukraine into Russia

  On the approach to the Ukaine customs we had to stop, an official looking guy asked,” Do you need a green card insurance for Russia” I said yes and he took me into his office. He had all the documents ready to fill out, he said minimum 15 days, I said ok but I […]

Up dates on the Ukraine

3rd May 2014 Hi to everyone, I would first like to thank everybody that has sent details as to what the BBC etc., are saying about the Ukraine situation. We are in close contact with some people that have already passed through the Ukraine but very shortly it will be our turn, so the info […]

From Turkey to Bulgaria and my second haircut of the trip

Hi, Robinson Crusoe here, 21st April 2014 Revenge is sweet Today we left Plodd down in the harbor in Gelibolu while we went for a look around the town centre. It is a lovely little old-fashioned town, reminds me a little of the Old town on the island of Rhodos, where we have been many […]

Leaving Berlin

Hi again, We have found a major problem with Plodd we can’t connect to the internet in the cabin only in the drivers cab, and it gets very cold at night in the cab so I am going to respond to the following:- Higgins. No Berlin is not like a cabaret it is not even […]

No Passports

Hi, Well we have a small problem, NO PASSPORTS, We have had to apply for second passports as we can not send for out Chinese visa’s earlier than three months before we arrive in China and we will already be on the road, so the solution was to get a second passport each (from the […]