Repairs and renewals

We are now back at home in Thailand (Plodd Stop) and we are looking at changing somethings on Plodd starting with the Aircon, On our last trip the first night we stayed on Plodd, the restaurant we had dinner at allowed us to plug into there electric supply so our 240v aircon kept us cool […]

Aircon on Plodd

Hi Everybody, I have just undertaken a big job on Plodd, the 24v aircon works so good that when it is on it blasts cold air out that much that the condensation (water) blows out with the air all over the inside, so I decided to re site the aircon unit under Plodd, what a […]

Back in the driving seat

Well unfortunately Plodd is back on the move! I say unfortunately because we thought we would be able to keep Plodd in Thailand until we decided what to do next with her, however, the Thai authorities have other ideas. As I put in earlier notes we only got 30 days for Plodd to stay in […]

Plodd off road big time

11th June 2014 Well in my last post I mentioned the M55, the significance of this as many will know, the motorway into Blackpool is called the M55 and I will never call it a bad thing again after traveling on the one in Russia. After leaving the Russian/Mongolian border we plodded on for about […]

Now in Siberia (WELL IT IS RUSSIA) as “ILENA” would say

29th May 2014.  We are in Siberia. From leaving Moscow until now things have been pretty uneventful just driving 8,9,or 10 hours each day covering on average around 500 Km a day on the same road, almost like pointing Plodd east then sitting back and letting the roads shake her to bits and the Russian […]

Crossing from Ukraine into Russia

  On the approach to the Ukaine customs we had to stop, an official looking guy asked,” Do you need a green card insurance for Russia” I said yes and he took me into his office. He had all the documents ready to fill out, he said minimum 15 days, I said ok but I […]

Urgent News Flash From Plodd

Plodd News Update. 5.30pm (17.30) 13th May 2014 We decided to take Plodd and fill up before our next destination (no not with diesel we have loads of that! With beer!) So we set off with the satnav telling us LIDL 4.5km great, then 5 mins into the journey we started smelling gas in Plodd […]

Plodd is not happy

28th March 2014. Well we went to collect Plodd at 12 noon this afternoon and the garage have given her a full service and changed the shock absorbers etc, however, when we got there they had brought a suspension specialist company to have a look at the work they had done.They thought it would have […]

Road conditions

23rd March 2014 About the road conditions up to now, The roads in France,Belgium,Luxembourg and Germany were pretty good but on entering the Czech Republic they deteriorated dramatically, then Poland got ever worse potholes and bits of road missing everywhere, it is giving Plodd a good shaking to the point yesterday we had to get […]

Plodd before we left Blackpool

Hi these are just a few photos of Plodd taken before we left Blackpool on 9th March, as you can see the interior looks a lot different from previous photos.  The flags on the exterior of Plodd are all the countries we will be visiting, laid out in the order and direction we will be […]