Setting off back to Thailand from Cambodia

  Monday 23rd February 2015 We stayed in Phnom Penh for 3 nights and very much ¬†enjoyed our time there, but it was now time to set off back to Thailand. We were going to use the same border crossing that we left by. We set off from the Hotel at 9.30am, the traffic in […]

Phnom Penh

The first meal out in Phnom Penh was a disaster the steak was inedible and such a disappointment. In the past when we have been in Phnom Penh we have dined at this restaurant (La Marmite). After the meal we had a couple of beers then went back to the hotel. The next morning Mao […]

Kampot to Phnom Penh the capital of Cambodia

  Thursday 19th February 2015 After arriving in Kampot I tried the same trick again ? We found the Tourist Information Office on the banks of the river and I asked if we could plug Plodd in to their electricity, it nearly worked but the brother of the guy I was talking to turned up […]

Well we are off !!!

  Sunday 15th February 2015 We decided to just go to Cambodia this time, so we set off on Sunday at 5pm traveling to Mae Phim about 2 hours from Pattaya and spent the night at a restaurant that we like to visit when we are in that area called Buffalo Bills. It has good […]

Plodd will soon be back on the move

Well Plodd’s 6 months in Thailand (plus the month the Thai authorities gave Plodd on arrival) ¬†is nearly up. So we have got to start thinking of a date to leave Thailand and it must be before Plodd’s 6 months is up on the 24th Feb, also both Lesley and I have got to report […]