Awaiting our passports from the UK

Sunday 4th May 2014 Hi, We are still in Varna, Bulgaria after 11 nights here, over the last few days Varna has been hosting the tall Ships regatta,(photos to follow). We have had mixed accommodation here first staying 5 nights on Plodd then 2 nights in the Perfect Hotel (and it was)! Then 2 nights […]

Almost ready but still no passports ?????

So we and Plodd are almost ready, however, we still don’t have our passports, Plodd unladen is 5.82T and then there is all that we will be taking with us, I think loaded she will be around 6.5T which in OK as her max capacity is 7.5T. I spoke to the Russian Embassy in London […]

No Passports

Hi, Well we have a small problem, NO PASSPORTS, We have had to apply for second passports as we can not send for out Chinese visa’s earlier than three months before we arrive in China and we will already be on the road, so the solution was to get a second passport each (from the […]