Thai TV interview

Here is the video aired on Pattaya Mail: It is also on “Youtube” if you search on “Journey Of a Lifetime UK To Thailand By Plodd”


Hi this is a picture of Lesley’s handy work up to now.She has knitted and crocheted a bed cover made up of all the flags of all the ┬ácountry’s that we have past through, most of the flags were made in the country that the flag represents, all that she has left to do is […]

Up dates on the Ukraine

3rd May 2014 Hi to everyone, I would first like to thank everybody that has sent details as to what the BBC etc., are saying about the Ukraine situation. We are in close contact with some people that have already passed through the Ukraine but very shortly it will be our turn, so the info […]

From Turkey to Bulgaria and my second haircut of the trip

Hi, Robinson Crusoe here, 21st April 2014 Revenge is sweet Today we left Plodd down in the harbor in Gelibolu while we went for a look around the town centre. It is a lovely little old-fashioned town, reminds me a little of the Old town on the island of Rhodos, where we have been many […]

From HRH

Day 45 Monday 21st April 2014 – Lesleys update. Hi Everyone, You probably think this has been a long time coming but I thought I would experience some weeks on Plodd before I expressed my feelings. Not a great start to be honest with the windscreen before we left the U.K. followed by the problem […]


Hi Everybody, The question that we are always being asked is Ukraine, what about the Ukraine, well we have very up to date news I have been speaking (emailing) people that are traveling through the Ukraine into Russia now and they have said they have not had any problems whatsoever,they will be on the Ukraine/Russian […]

Special Eggs

Saturday 12th April 2014 It is the day before leaving the campsite just outside the capital Tirane (Nord park hotel and camp) Albania, I noticed that the chickens that just wander around the campsite aimlessly had laid several eggs in their nest. This was at around 4 pm (16.00) when we watched one of the […]

Road conditions

23rd March 2014 About the road conditions up to now, The roads in France,Belgium,Luxembourg and Germany were pretty good but on entering the Czech Republic they deteriorated dramatically, then Poland got ever worse potholes and bits of road missing everywhere, it is giving Plodd a good shaking to the point yesterday we had to get […]