On our way back

So yesterday Plodd left Thailand for the very last time and we drove into Laos, the Laos border authorities would not let us use our passports that have our Chinese visa’s in, saying that they could only put a Laos visa in the passport that we have a Thai exit stamp in, so I do […]

All ready to go

The time to set off is now very close, last weekend we went on a trial trip to Lancaster and everything worked on Plodd, there was a small drip dripping on me in the night but when I looked the next day there was 3 rivets missing out of the roof so that was easy […]

Moving Out

Well today we are going on a test trip, we are going in Plodd to Lancaster and staying over night on Plodd. Lancaster is only 40m (60k) from our home but it will give us the chance to check all the systems. We have loaded up Plodd ready for the big trip with everything other […]

Almost ready but still no passports ?????

So we and Plodd are almost ready, however, we still don’t have our passports, Plodd unladen is 5.82T and then there is all that we will be taking with us, I think loaded she will be around 6.5T which in OK as her max capacity is 7.5T. I spoke to the Russian Embassy in London […]

No Passports

Hi, Well we have a small problem, NO PASSPORTS, We have had to apply for second passports as we can not send for out Chinese visa’s earlier than three months before we arrive in China and we will already be on the road, so the solution was to get a second passport each (from the […]

Plodd is now in Oldham

Hi Everybody, Plodd set off on Thursday to Oldham to be resprayed, we should get her back on Monday or Tuesday at the latest then it will be one or two days in Leyland just adding little things then back to sunny Blackpool, then on Friday or Saturday we plan to take her for a […]

All most ready

Hi Everybody I have only got until Wednesday to complete all the work needed before Plodd go’s to be resprayed and only 24 days to the start of the trip, time seems to be racing away I have been working on Plodd 8 hours a day everyday since getting back from Thailand and the two […]

Up Date on Plodd 29/1/14

Well  things are not going as well as first thought with Plodd, Fred in Leyland has found that the 12v electric circuit keeps blowing the fuses so they have just had to rewiring the 12v circuit, also when Warren visited 2 days ago the 24v aircon wasn’t fitted but looked like they where just about […]

Solar and other things

Hi everybody, We have just had an email from Fred in Leyland he tells me that Plodd is 99% complete it sounds like they have done a great job, the only things outstanding are the fitting of the Scania Air Horns (loud I mean very loud), the steps to get in and out of the […]

Plodd is in Leyland, UK

Plodd is in Leyland, UK getting retrofitted for the long trip.  At this moment, they are adding extra fuel tanks to give us a total capacity of 360 liters, they are also fitting a Domestic water tank total capacity 200 liters, a waste water tank and a 100 liter domestic gas tank to provide gas […]